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Ranch at Turkey Creek has been a family owned and operated ranch since 1993. Originally our cattle ranch started as a family hobby where we would raise and then sell our cattle at auction. Then, in 2013, as our family and friends began to ask for more of our beef we decided to grow our herd and operation. With this, we began to retail our beef and now provide our 100% grass-fed, Black Angus, dry-aged beef to the public while staying committed to raising healthy and happy animals while being transparent with our customers every step of the way. 


Ranch @ Turkey Creek Red Barn
Black Angus, Free Range, Local Beef

We have and will continue to commit ourselves to using no additional hormones, using antibiotics only when necessary to save an animal, which will not be sold under our label. In addition, rotational grazing is practiced on our ranch to maintain the health and integrity of our soil and grasses so our cattle can graze the healthiest forage across our 300 acres of native Kansas grasslands. All we do is in an effort to provide you with the healthiest and highest quality grass-fed beef available.


We are committed not only to our customer but also to cattle and our land. With our beef and label comes a promise. A promise that our cattle are treated humanely for the entirety of their lives. That our cattle have open, grazable land, and are never force-fed or confined in a feedlot. Feedlots are not only a grain-fed cattle tactic as cattle can be "grass-fed" while locked up in a pin. Our cattle have consistent access to clean water, cover from inclement weather and enjoy a safe, stress-free and natural environment. Our cattle are happy cattle, and happy, healthy and stress-free cattle will provide you with unforgettable flavor and experience! 

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